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RSI-rest :

Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury

freeware for MS Windows98+, 2000, XP NEW : INCLUDING SETUP

Version 3.2 Download

Version 3.4 (2008) wo setupDownload

We developed this program because most rsi program only made the pain in my wrists and fingers worse. Maybe I was very late in accepting the problem. After using it for little over a year the pain went away.

The requirements are simple:

Below is a sketch of the different modes of the program.


RSI-rest allows you 1-30 minutes of typing, RSI-rest reminds you to take the essential regular micropauses while working on your PC. RSI-rest does not count keys/mouseclicks/mouse meters/scrolls it uses fixed intervals (minutes),

After the number of minutes you are allowed to type it 'forces' a break by showing a NAG-window. This NAG-window optianally shows an bmp/jpg-image from a directory.

>Setup Number of minutes you can type

1) First you define the number of minutes you can type before your hands/arms/back start to hurt. When you don't have RSI try something like 15 or 30 minutes (you should find a proper value yourself).

MENU: Type settings >


A green progress bar will show you the percentage of remaining type-time. The green progress bar shortens while time passes. E.g. if 2:20 minutes of 4 minutes are left then a little more than 50% is still green:



Take a micropause when there is no more time 00:00 left it is time for a micropause

1)A NAG-window will be shown.

  Optionally a wav-file or mp3-file is played (none supplied).

  Optionally an image is shown (none supplied) from a directory you can define.

  Or an analog clock is shown.

Now you must take a micropause (release your mouse and keyboard, look and or walk around!)

>Micropause length

The length of the micropause can be (20 secs, ... , 1 - 5 minutes)
MENU: Rest (micropause/nag) settings

>NAG window

MENU: Rest (micropause/nag) settings >

You can either show images or an analog clock. RSI-rest cycles through all images in the specified directory, It shows one picture per break. The picture (jpg/bmp) will be scaled down to fit the window. Or you can select a clock:


During the micropause you can still access keyboard and mouse without limitation,
but you shouldn't!

>Ignore/Postpone break

You can also press the Type button instead of waiting, the color of the window will change into red, making sure you will not skip the next break (unlike the example below break 3x ignored)

After the micropause the nagwindow disappears and rsi-rest will return to its default position (which you can define).

>All settings are stored
in the file: RSI-rest.ini in the windows folder.

>Smaller status window

Note: if positioned at the top or bottom of the screen, the bottom half of the statuswindow disappears like:

Download rsi30-setup.exe under 700kb,
version 3.2, freeware fully functional, no spy-ware, for Windows 98, w2k, xp.


Download the file to a folder on your computer.

Add the program to autostart

Configure your preferences using the Menu button.